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Jump Start Service

Automobile batteries can die from time to time, if your car battery dies, make sure to call for a quick solution.We can either give you a jump start or install a new or reconditioned battery.


If you are wondering why your car won't start; there are numerous reasons a vehicle may not start, it could be an internal problem with the battery, or just the fact that you accidentally left the lights on overnight.


Regardless of the source of the problem, you’ll want to get the battery fixed as quickly as possible. We offer jump start and battery installation services at the lowest cost possible in the Indianapolis, Indiana area. Pricing for battery installation ranges from 75-125 depending on vehicle type and scope of work required. Our jump boxes are strong and can jump start any car, truck, suv, or even semi & farm equipment. Need a jump or battery service? Jump start services in Indianapolis start at just 65.00 Bucks. Just call & ask for a quote!  (317) 775-7255

If you’ve tried to jump start on your automobile, but the engine won’t turn over, there is a good chance that your battery could still be the source of the problem, it could be that it needs stronger jump power source or that it needs to be replaced.  Alternatively, it could also be your alternator (vehicles charging system), an ignition problem, a bad fuel pump or a faulty fuse & in that case, you will most likely need a tow or a mobile mechanic.

Doc Brown's Roadside Assistance not only offers jump start services in Marion County. We can also deliver & install automobile batteries to your business and/or home locations. You can call in to schedule or call  for immediate service. We install & give jump starts in Indianapolis & surrounding areas every single day of the week. Rest assured you won't be left stranded. Our dispatchers are standing by ready to assist your needs.

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